The development of the textile sector

The textile sector is one of our country’s oldest industries. The date of textile weaving in Anatolia dates back to the eras of the Hittites and Assyrians. It has gradually developed since then.

Rapid changes brought about by globalization introduce Turkey to new concepts in important sectors and help important work be done on the path of fulfillment. The Turkish Textile and Ready-Wear Garment Sector has an important place within the manufacturing industry, in which it is first in employment, production, and exports.

The ready-wear garment and textile sector is an industrial branch that plays an important role in the economic development of countries and is one of the sectors where the process of industrialization first began. The textile sector covers the process of preparing fibers and producing threads, weaves, knits, dyes, prints, finishes, cuts, and sewing.

Garments like socks, sweaters, shirts, pants, and dresses; home textiles like curtains and sheets; floor coverings like rugs and other textiles; and other textile products like netting, thread, cables, transporting textile bands, canvas, protective cloth, filters, parachutes, brake pads, and felt are included in this scope.