Frequently Used Fabric Varieties

Polyester: This type of fabric is used in a blend with many other types of fabric. We see it in many garment stores.

The raw materials for polyester are petrol products and anthracite. It is generally used in a blend with cotton, wool, and linen.

Cotton: It is one of the most commonly used types of fabric today. Cotton is the fabric. It is frequently used in summer wear. It is quite comfortable to wear.

Nylon: It is made from oil. Doesn’t stain, non-iron, doesn’t wrinkle, moth-repellant. Most non-stain, non-wrinkle fabrics are processed with fluorinated chemicals like Teflon.

Viscose : The raw material for viscose threads is beech tree. It’s like cotton. They grow in Turkey, Europe, Asia, America, and Japan.

Elastane: elastic woven fabrics allow physical movement, rest on the body, preserve their shape, and provide garment comfort.

Acrylic: It is a fabric similar to wool. It is easily washed and has a low retention of stains. It preserves itself for a long time. It is not affected by elements like sunlight or negative air.

Lurex: It is a seamed, bright fabric.

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