The status of the textile industry in Turkey

Textile sector is a sector which is constantly developing and plays an important role in development. Today, the textile and ready-made clothing sector has an important place in Turkey’s manufacturing industry. It ranks first in employment, production and export in manufacturing industry. Although the share of textile and ready-made clothing industry in production and export decreases, it still maintains its relative importance.


Fashion, branding, social and environmental standards, new products, the structure of major purchasing firms and manufacturing firms that affect the competitiveness of the sector are evaluated.The general of this sector has entered the maturity period in Turkey.

The Turkish textile industry is known for its global trade in the future thanks to its product quality, designs and high technology that have the power to determine fashion and trends.

In 100th years of Republic of Turkey, ie in 2023 years, it is estimated that world textile trade will reach $550 billion in size and ready-made clothing sector will reach $740 billion in size. In line with the 2023 vision, it expected that Turkey’s exports of textiles and raw materials to be $20 billion in size and ready-made clothing and garment to reach $52 billion in size.